How The Belt With No Holes Works

Fully adjustable with a simple ratchet design and high-quality leather. The BDP Gear Ratcheting Slide Belts allow you to freely adjust the waist size without the limitation of holes in the leather (works like a zip tie), and since there are no holes the belts are much more durable (putting a hole in leather is just starting the tearing process, we avoid that completely)!

A unique ratchet system is sown into our high quality belts providing robust durability, over 7 inches of size variability with ¼ inch adjustments. No one is an exact 32, 34, etc. With our unique system your belt will fit perfect every time!

If you're unsure of what size to order, simply order one size larger than your pants size. If it's a little long, you can easily trim the end of the belt that goes into the buckle to achieve a perfect fit!