How We Got Our Start

BDP Gear is owned and operated by two brothers out of Colorado, Shea Estes and Ty Hurd.
In 2010, Shea started BDP Gear as a mens apparel company.  During that time, Ty was a top 25% electronics power seller on  In early 2011, we partnered up to sell BDP Gear products in Ty's store, T & S Online. The main focus at the start was mens accessories like bow ties, neckties, scarfs, etc...
Shortly after partnering up, Ty came across a very unique belt that was popular in parts of Asia.   He showed Shea the belt and the two immediately started researching the system behind the coolest belt they had ever seen.
We discovered the ratcheting belt system had no patent and was public domain, due to this system being around for decades. Mostly in different parts of Europe and Asia.
After digging a little deeper, we found two flaws in what was almost a perfect belt... They were all very low quality, with a limited variety of buckle and leather styles.
With the knowledge and know how to manufacture extremely high quality products, we set out to make the best belt the world has seen.  BDP Gear Ratcheting belts would become the sole focus and product of the company. 
Six months later, We felt we had a product that was far superior to anything the market had seen. The BDP Gear Ratcheting Belt was born! After about a year of test marketing at special events and gift shows, we started opening small retail location in and around Denver, CO.